Shannon Slattery

Semi-Abstract Landscape paintings
In and Out at the Villa

22 Burnham Rd
West Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
I have spent the past several years painting the rugged terrain around my summer home in Maine. I walk almost everyday when I am there, and the route I take brings me up and down hills and through woods. The land is famous for its craggy coast and the ground is often uneven with granite ledge poking out through the moss. Many of the trees cling to the surface, especially the white pines, which grow so straight and carpet the ground with their needles. I see them as struggling to hold on, and they represent to me the connection to the earth and nature that is essential.

The trees are sentinels, bell weathers and guardians, if we protect them they will care for us. It is critical that we preserve and protect the natural world, it is our home.

More recently I have been drawn to the places where the rocks meet the sea. I continue to find inspiration in the shapes and textures of those rocks, and how they have been shaped by the ocean waves. I am intrigued by the idea that the rocks have been there for so long and will continue to be long after we are gone.

As a painter I am guided by process, I apply paint by any and all means and will just as often wipe, sand or scrape the board as paint with a brush. At the intersection of drawing and painting, color line and texture are the means to describe what I see and how I connect to my environment.

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