Shira Hanna Designs

Contemporary Handcrafted Art Jewelry
Focus Real Estate

43 Lincoln Street, Newton MA 02461

Wine & cheese preview for Focus clients — TBD.

Artist Contact Info:
Shira is a lifelong artist and creative. After completing medical school and residency in 2008 she poured herself into caring for her patients and nurturing her three children over the course of the next decade. In 2019, she picked up a torch at a local metal arts school and reignited her passion for creating. While continuing to practice as a pediatrician through the pandemic, she discovered hope and inspiration at her jeweler’s bench, teaching herself the skills involved in creating art from metal, from start to finish. Shira’s work is led by intuition and embodies a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are empowering, edgy, sexy and strong. She considers the natural contours of the human body such that her work becomes one with the wearer. When not covered in silver dust, she can be found with a stethoscope around her neck, hiking through the forest enjoying life with her family.

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