Sidhartha Pani

Oil on Canvas

287 Langley Road, Unit 46
Newton MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 640-2786
Sidhartha traces his interest in art to a summer he spent during his 16th year with cousins. While memories of events and outings have faded, that summer stands out because of a chance meeting with a friend of the family, a fine art student, who showed him for the first time the magic of the palette knife. The canvas he painted that summer with bold knife strokes ignited a passion that would flare briefly, before becoming quiescent through years of training and practicing as a physician and rearing a family. Eight years ago, Sidhartha and his wife became empty nesters, and art beckoned again when his wife presented him with a set of classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Since then, he has painted with a hunger and a passion that defy logic. This has led to more than a hundred completed canvases, and many awards.

Sidhartha’s paintings are usually improvisations of photographs of scenes that catch his attention while driving, walking or biking. As he starts working on the canvas, he constantly modify the colors, paints and then paints over, and plays with light and shadows until he has a product that he is reasonably satisfied with- something with a contemporary yet impressionistic flavor. His paintings have heavy brush strokes and interesting texture.

Although Sidhartha’s initial work mostly included abstract landscapes and seascapes, he has recently moved to working on figurative and abstract themes. Appreciation at shows and awards have added to his joy in his work, even while he acknowledges that he is seldom completely satisfied with his paintings. In the years to come, he hopes to inspire others to re-awaken their dormant passion and talent, and add joy to their lives and that of those around them.
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