Stephen Strout

Original Wooden Art
Artisans at 72 Columbus St.

72 Columbus St.
Newton MA 02461

Artist Contact Info:
(508) 667-6282
Let’s start with the obvious. I love wood. From picking through huge boards and trees, to the fine art of combining grains, colors, and textures, there is a calmness and purpose that removes all other distractions from my life as I cut and combine, cut and combine and ponder. That dying ash tree up on the hill – what beauty can I coax out from inside her hollow core? I don’t know today, but you can be darn sure I’ll know soon…. And wood has taught me a bit about letting go – while the client gets art to last a lifetime it is often hard to watch the creation of my labor leave my sight. But the creative process once again calls, and it’s back to the shop for another round of calm.
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