Susan Aeschbach

Abstract, Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings
Judith Road Studio

45 Judith Road
Newton Center MA 02459

Covid masking preferred

Artist Contact Info:

I seek in my paintings to capture the energy and aliveness that is inherent in all things animate and inanimate. I paint intuitively without a predetermined subject in mind. The paintings unfold from my unconscious mind as they will, to my surprise and often to my amusement. Using acrylics and collage papers that I create, I paint abstractly although the paintings often include glimpses of representational elements. My paintings often exude an intensity due to my being drawn to the way in which complementary colors vibrate when placed next to one another. I am interested in creating atmospheres which allow the viewer to enter into an alternative experience. Art making has become my personal meditation and primary spiritual practice.

My studio is located in my home in Newton, MA.

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