Susan Aeschbach

Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media
Judith Road Creative Collective

70 Judith Road
Newton Center MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 877-4887
I seek in my paintings to capture the energy and the aliveness that is inherent in all things animate and inanimate. Most of the time I paint intuitively without a predetermined subject in mind. The paintings unfold as they will to my surprise and often amusement, whether they be abstract or representational. I paint with acrylics and also enjoy making my own gel plate collage papers to create mixed media pieces. I love color and my paintings often have an intensity to them due to my being drawn to the way in which complementary colors vibrate when placed next to one another. I also enjoy creating atmospheres which allow the viewer to enter into an alternative experience. Making art is my personal meditation and primary spiritual practice.

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