Susan Mara Bregman | Red Nickel

Photographs Focused on New England Nostalgia
Art @ Trio

245 Walnut Street
Newton MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
I am a photographer and author with a focus on New England nostalgia, from vintage diners to Art Deco movie palaces. I have been drawn to old neon signs for years – the more banged up the better – and my ongoing photo series “City Lights” highlights the region’s neon landscape.

That photo project led me to write my first book, New England Neon, which documented these often endangered landmarks of light. Another body of work explores the game (and culture) of candlepin bowling, which has deep New England roots. That research resulted in a photo series (“Ready to Roll”) and my second book, New England Candlepin Bowling. And I just wrapped up a photo project and book about roadside attractions called Along Route 1: Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

My photos and books bring people back to a time when the waitress at the diner knew your name – and how you liked your coffee. My work has stories to tell about growing up in New England: Ice cream cones and boardwalk arcades, road trips and drive-in movies. And, most of all, my words and images have the power to evoke memories of special times: An anniversary celebration at the Hilltop Steak House, a first apartment overlooking the CITGO sign, or a birthday party at a now-shuttered bowling center.

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