Susan Tornheim

Fiber And Mixed Media

120 Hyde St.
Newton Highlands MA 02461

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 527-3859
Color and texture delight and inspire me. I use an ancient technique plus a basic and sustainable fiber―wool―to make felted wool. This wonderful fabric starts as raw wool, which I wash, sometimes dye, and brush to prepare it to be felted. Using colored wool fibers, handwoven scraps, and yarns, I create abstract and naturalistic surface designs on the layers of fluffy wool. Then, employing an ancient wet felting technique, I use hot water, soap, friction, and pressure to cause the fibers to tangle permanently into a strong fabric. Finally, I form this wonderful material into hats, scarves, pillows, and accessories. I especially enjoy combining knitting and felting. My current explorations include depicting nature in my work and adding embroidery.

I have been creating mixed-media pieces for several years. These sculptural works often include textile elements, like felted wool, as well as wire, wood, and natural elements. They are a growing body of explorations that express a variety of ideas and feelings.
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