Larry Grob, The Art of Place

Pastels, Both In Studio And En Plein Air
Art in the Villa Garden

22 Burnham Road
West Newton MA 02465-2928

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 817-3123
I remember clearly when… as a young child my painter grandfather taught me to stop, look (really look), and put brush to paper. When the light at low angles, sunbeams sweeping like stage spots across distant marshes, glaciered peaks, windswept islands, and the forces of nature that envelop us…all said ‘paint me!’. When I touched my first pastel, made marks, experimented…and began feeling more in touch than ever before with our land.

Since then, I have reveled in the freshness of my medium, the sight of images emerging from the paper, the varied textures and colors of my surfaces, and that feeling of drawing and painting all at once…the sweet spot of pastels, I like to think. With the wind on my face, hand out steadying the easel, and racing to follow the light, I know. I am in the right place.
Christie Allan-Piper, Marian Dioguardi, Larry Grob, Sidney Hutter, Will Kirkpatrick, Deborah MacFail, Gene Mackles, Mary Mandarino, Ted Prato
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