Tobey Finkel

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas
Newton City Hall

1000 Commonwealth Ave.
Newton MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 407-8341
My life has taken many different turns, and I have always enjoyed the challenge of solving a new problem or puzzle.
I have also always enjoyed creating artworks and looking for beauty in everyday moments.

I graduated Mass Art in 1989 with a degree in fashion design. I then worked in the garment industry in NYC for 8 years, first as assistant fashion designer and then as a textile print designer.
After a personal tragedy, I reassessed my life and returned to the Boston area.
I was a muralist and decorative furniture painter for 4 years.
Then for 2 years I worked at a group home before becoming a wife, web designer and a mom.
While our kids were babies I was unable to paint but once the youngest was in preschool, I took a class to help me start to paint again.
Even though I had been painting or doing some type of art from age 8 this was the first time in my life that I have not had an assignment or client to tell me what to paint. Now I am challenging myself to explore other artistic directions to take.

During the pandemic I started a Zoom painting group with my previous classmates and friends. It has allowed myself and others to continue to create and share our lives with each other.
Lisa Goren, Paul Alie, Gail Hansen, Ann Schunior, Nan Rumpf, John Murray, Lori Slaven, Lisa Sazer, Martha Heller, Ron Roberge, Irwin Thompson, Abbie Ireland, Arlene Bandes, Michael Wilson, Carol Pugliese, Lynda Goldberg, Deb Hiatt, Steve Hurwitz, Sarah Kahn, Frances Schreiber, Elena Kaufman, Cathie Brenner
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