Tom Babbitt

Acrylic, Ink and Colored Pencil on Wood Panel

320 Nevada Street
Newton MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(207) 841-8500
This collection is an ideal playground where many of my (apparently divergent) personal and artistic tendrils can be gathered in, and allowed to blend and run free. I’m a semi-pro musician, singer/songwriter and composer; illustrator, cartoonist; animator, filmmaker, and veteran psychotherapist. In this new way of making pictures, I feel I can draw from all of these. They swing naturally between 2D and 3D planes; between realistic and fantastical realms; between real-surreal-ism, between dark and humorous/cartoonish. The work is meant to be engaging on the macro and micro levels: BBig, blunt, smiling characters with an endless amount of detail, hieroglyphics and personal code embedded and embedded again. The works are conversational and story-driven-rife with cryptic clues, odd corridors and markers-layered like we are: questions long ago forgotten, yet so familiar.

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