Vartus Varadian

Brush Paintings. Originals, Prints and Merchandise
ZeinaSK Art Studios

281 Park St.
Newton MA 02548

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 775-3500
Vartus Varadian, is a graphic designer who turned to Chinese brush painting as a means of meditation after her sudden diagnosis and subsequent treatments for cancer. Vartus worked for numerous advertising agencies and design studios, and whose accomplishments were celebrated with local, regional, and national awards. Vartus is an active member of the Newton Art Association who exhibits frequently. She also teaches cancer survivors brush painting with Facing Cancer Together, the organization that enabled her to pursue and love the technique of Chinese brush painting. Vartus recently launched a new website that highlights her paintings; originals, prints, merchandising and cards.
Zeina Skaff Kahhale
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