Victoria Riccardi

Mixed Media: Acrylic, Collage, Oils, Cold Wax, Ink
The Neighborhood Club

24 Berkeley Street
West Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 877-0528
I am a mixed media artist with a background in printmaking, encaustic and collage. I create layered works that are both abstract and figurative.

Nature, color and time spent living in France and Japan inspire my art. France gave me an appreciation for rich layering, while Japan evoked a desire to use space as a design element.

I believe every piece of art should tell a story and emotionally move the viewer. However, I approach each piece as a serendipitous journey into the unknown. I work intuitively and spontaneously, enjoying the boundless creative freedom as the artwork’s story unfolds. I often work on wood panels and use various papers, including Japanese rice paper, which has a way of melting into the layers. Other mediums I use include cold wax, acrylics, oils and ink.

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