Wendy Cotton

Collage, Monoprints
Studio 170

170 Evelyn Road
Waban MA 02468

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After painting on canvas for many years I began exploring different mediums. I was searching to find “Beginner’s Mind” again to capture the joy I felt when I painted. The art of printmaking without a press was that path. The element of surprise and delight I feel when pulling a print off the plate is undeniable.

Using acrylic paint and a gel plate, I create two very different types of artwork: colorful and energetic collages OR muted and serene prints.

For my more vibrant collages I begin by – printing collage papers with many layers of color and patterns. I have created many different templates, and am partial to particular shapes, such as circles, lines and vases. I then determine, as a quilter does, which pieces work together and how best to arrange them for a successful composition. They are applied to various substrates – canvas, paper or wood.

For my quieter prints – I use one sheet of paper, work at a much slower pace and am more deliberate in my choice of colors and markings. I pull multiple prints off the gel plate, using different shapes and colors, all on the same sheet of paper. The print must succeed on its own and not depend on added embellishments. It is treated as a painting.

I’m thrilled I found my way back to “Beginner’s Mind” and have recaptured the joy by printing with gel plates. I’m looking forward to continuing to evolve as an artist, and follow the path that my prints and collages take me on.
Marcia Cooper, Wendy Cotton, Katie McCarren
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