Jeffrey Fine

Oil and Casein Paintings, Digital Prints

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Over the years, I have generated many artist statements both for NOS and for various exhibitions.Some were about particular sets of paintings or drawings,some more general statements about what I believed at the time about who I was as an artist.Some of these statements can be found on my website:
At the moment, I find myself having little to say either about the art that I am currently producing, or about who I am as an artist. For the last couple of years, I have been wandering artistically: paintings both figurative and abstract,pastel drawings,glass sculptures and mobiles,and digital paintings generated on my iPad and then printed and dry mounted.I continue to love colors, whether in paint or in colored glass.But I am staying with no particular palette,theme,or artistic focus that lasts for any significant period.This lack of focus or direction sometimes feels ok.Sometimes I feel adrift.
For NOS this year, I will show a range of work in varying media, some of it quite recent, some from the recent past, and some quite ancient, which is to say from forty years ago or more.
Children often like my paintings. They like the colors and rhythms in them, their busy-ness and energy, their expressiveness. Some of my paintings are quite edgy and provocative, not good “living room art” for those looking for delicate still lives or landscapes.Many of my paintings are quite large and require large wall spaces to be properly viewed.
Whether or not they like the art on display, most people like my studio, the former detached garage in the back of my house. The studio gets wonderful light, particularly in the late winter and early spring, before the leaves are on the trees. On the other hand, that NOS is held in early April, with its unpredictable weather, often prevents me from showing some of my larger paintings outdoors, where they are best displayed, and where there is room to display them. In recent years, I have been the only NOS site in my neighborhood, so visitors, other than those who already know or wish to see my work, must forsake the convenience of driving to areas of the city with clusters of sites or group sites.
I welcome visitors. I am not a total curmudgeon, though I do have tendencies in that direction. I particularly welcome families with children, as children tend to have the most direct and uncensored reactions to my paintings: they love them, they hate them, they are both attracted and repelled by the “primitive” human and animal figures in some of them. Unlike most adults, they do not feel obliged to be “polite” in their reactions.
My digital prints sell well. They are small, colorful, rhythmic, and quite inexpensive as these things go. Fortunately, I am at a stage of life where making money from my art is not a major objective, and what is most meaningful to me is that somebody likes my art enough to buy it, rather than how much money I make from it. I am generally willing to bargain with those who like my art, but who have limited financial resources to purchase art. I want people to enjoy having my work displayed in their homes. This feels like my best shot at immortality.

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