Alicia Shems

mixed media jewelry and wall art

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #8

19 Mary Ellen Road

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I launched my career as a mixed media artist 20 years ago, after becoming a mother. I now focus on both wearable and wall art constructed almost exclusively of fiber and beads. Drawn to fabric and beads by the vibrant colors and textures available, I constantly explore and celebrate the ways that color and form interact by mixing whimsy with introspection, order with chaos.

With my wall art, I both print my drawings and photographs on fabric and create collages of fabrics, which I then embellish with beadwork, paint, and hand and machine stitching. With my wearable art, I employ multiple original and traditional beading techniques, mixed with fabric and/or thread to create unique, but modern and comfortable jewelry. My art has been featured in publications and galleries around the country, and because I love sharing my passion for art, I teach privately or at various public venues.

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