Emily Williams / etheldora

fabric arts

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My medium is fiber and I don't remember a time when I wasn’t drawn to it. My mother and grandmother were fabulous fibercrafters ... sewing, knitting, rug hooking, weaving, etc. … so maybe it’s genetic? My sister already was the artist in the family so I studied Zoology which somehow led me fairly seamlessly through careers in chemistry, training, marketing, writing, desktop publishing, parenting, and back to my first muse, fabric.
Currently, my inspiration is art quilting. There are many definitions, but for me, as long as it has fabric, layers, stitching, and I might like to hang it up on the wall … it’s an art quilt. Unless, of course, it’s manipulated into a 3-dimensional or functional object. Or it’s not fabric, but leather, or plastic, or whatever. For me, applying arbitrary categories and rules can dampen the joy of creating. And that joy, that, to me, is art.
My favorite works roam the range from abstract improvisation to realism, but I hope the constant is color and a sense of fun. I'm currently enjoying exploring nature and other sciences in my work.

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