Cindy Cuba Clements

Abstract Painting and Mixed Media

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #13  Wheelchair Accessible

Pop-upRISING on Washington  
857/859 Washington St
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As an expressive artist, this past year has had a profound effect on my work, which has evolved over time. I began integrating my emotions about the political climate into my art early this past Fall. I was optimistic yet distressed by the tone of our national dialogue -- my work reflected both hope and fear.  After the shock of the election, my work took an unexpected turn. Instead of expressing my profound sadness and anxiety, I found that I needed to retreat in my work to a meditative state. The studio was my much needed zone of calm in a world that had changed over night. This has changed again since inauguration day. Since I crafted my first sign for the Women’s March, my work has been the art of protest, expressing unfiltered rage.

This year, Caron Tabb, Adrienne Shishko and I have been given the opportunity to create a Pop-up gallery in a vacant storefront in Newtonville. We've painted, mopped, hammered and, yes, agitated to realize the vision we had to inhabit this raw space. Our work is different, yet complementary -- we each use our art to express our emotional response to societal ills and personal turmoil. It is fascinating (to us, at least) to see how our works "talk" to one another. The walls are certainly energized!

We have decided to donate a minimum of 25% of our proceeds to charitable organizations supporting social justice, the environment and more. Supporting local artists AND important charities at the same time is something you can feel really good about!

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