Ellen Fisher

Photo-Based Large Scale Silk Hangings

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #10  Wheelchair Accessible

Newton City Hall  
1000 Commonwealth Ave
Newton Centre
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The ongoing Souvenir series explores the nature of memory. Within that series, Walking in My Father’s Mind is in part a reaction to my father’s failing memory — a meditation on how he sees, decodes and navigates the visual world as the guidance of memory fades. The ambiguities of viewpoint, of depth, and of ground-plane in these images are a metaphor for the mysteriousness, and sometimes poetic wonder, that has invaded his sense of surroundings.

All of the images begin as digital photographs. My background is printmaking, not photography. I use Photoshop to concentrate colors and flatten images to varying degrees. Recently, I’m experimenting with large-scale jacquard-weave renderings of the images, and large-scale prints on silk.

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