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Artist's Statement: Zen Saito

Alter conviction.
My artwork theme is often based on nature, lately often plants related. I used to want my artwork to carry messages to the world. I even targeted a specific audience to understand my thoughts but I lately am just enjoying my creativity and different skills to grow and I'm excited about the new challenges. Also, I used to push myself for dramatic progress and intensively try to mark my artwork to have its own distinctiveness.
“Breaking your own rules can only bring new creativity.” If I stay in lukewarm water it feels like been rotten. Need completely new ideas for the next piece.” Nothing is ever good enough, I need to get much better than this....” “Can’t fail, it’s the end of the world.....”
I’m still tough on my creativity but if I just let go there is no fun in it.
I’m getting more and more to be on the side of wild nature and animals. I started to feel like one to them.
I stopped caring about what’s going on in the world and I'm not interested to spend time and effort to take part in the world anymore.
My workshop is my world. Being on the side of nature and animals is my world. Humans will eventually destroy all wild nature. I left with no optimistic hope for it. There is no message that will stop prioritize our convenience and our modern life needs, our desire, power, and greed.
An important individual once said to me, “Yes, we might not ever save them but you can’t live like an asshole!” I still put a lot of effort to leave a smaller footprint but I don’t want to put a lot of energy and effort against the opponent. I rather prefer to spend good time with allies as long as time left for them and myself. I appreciate their beauty, uniqueness, unbelievable functionalities. I will never even get close to their level of creativity but I'm enjoying studying them and I like to child playing with them in my artwork.

Artist Bio: Zen Saito
Zen Saito (AKA Yoshiyuki Saito) grew up in a small town in Japan with a family that influenced his creativity. Early on he dreamed of being a designer. By high school, he was studying drawing and sculpture in an intense summer art course.
By18 years old, he'd moved on to study design in Tokyo. His designs were often too innovative and his professors hinted that it would be more interesting to become an artist. When he entered a painting competition in Tokyo, he experienced a dramatic embarrassment. His work was criticized as "so like some of his favorite artists".... since then, he initiated the search to find his own "Original styles". To develop "Original styles" he realized his life needed unique experiences and stimulation. He aimed to take a big adventure overseas, so at 24 years old, he made an expedition to NYC.
Manhattan was not at the top of his list but it was one of the biggest cities with the highest concentration of cultures thriving together creatively. Studying at Art Student League in New York, he worked on many series of artwork while living there: 'Tomorrow may not come', 'Signet on Freckles', 'Primitive', 'Reprimitive', and the 'Lamp series.' He worked as an artist assistant for a metal sculptor, Helen Blundt for many years. He exhibited his work within group shows, as well as presenting his solo exhibits in Brooklyn and in New York City.
2007 he started helping his friend's construction projects in Massachusetts, eventually becoming a lead carpenter/manager for high-performance home building.
He still pursues his "Original style" to this day.
Currently, he is working on his new series 'Alter Conviction' between his construction day job...


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