Sara Dickman

paintings, and mixed media,

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #14

New Art Center  
61 Washington Park
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I am a second generation artist. My mother was an abstract painter.
As I continue in this tradition, I struggle for an unfettered, honest, fresh exploration and discovery of my creative energy.

Charcoal, line, color, mixed-media, texture, collage, back to the line, the color, back and forth, up and down, first acrylic, then maybe add oil; the movement is a dance, the dance of the life of making art. I like a rich, textured surface. I want my physical movements reflected in the art.

Endless possibilities beacon. Nature, color, family, travel, conflict, feelings all inspire. Layers upon layers of past work disappear and then later reappear.

In my professional Art Therapy work, for many years, and in many different places, I have tried to help others heal themselves using their artistic energies. As I dive deeper into my own work, discovery, creativity and growth remain most precious.

Sara Brizdle Dickman


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