Nancy DuVergne Smith

Watercolors: Flora, Figures, Waterscapes

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My paintings introduce vibrant things—water, plants, and people—through the magic of watercolor. After working in various media in art school and on my own, I’ve fallen in love with this medium. The meshing of subtle colors and the flow of water create a living entity that changes as it dries. Each painting is a conversation with time and intention. Art invites us to return, reconsider, review, and refresh.

What do I love about my subjects? Water is a life force that changes with conditions—a Charles River sparkling under a cerulean sky is vastly different from the arc of liquid falling from a brass toad’s mouth into a puddle brown fountain in a New Orleans courtyard. I love the surface tension of water, the myriad reflected colors and the secrets it reveals about its environment. Plants are engines of invention sprouting miraculous blossoms intertwining with vigorous vines and branches. They are life bound up in chemical compounds, light exposures, and the will to live. People are always challenging—in life and in artmaking. When we make easy assumptions, we can go off course and muddle the experience. Each shape, tone, and gesture must be considered carefully and then rendered intuitively. Abstract works are my sorbet.

Every day my brush is wet is a good day.

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