Irwin Thompson

Contemporary Colorful Abstract Art

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I have long been attracted to non-representational art. In addition to the challenges of the technical aspects of painting, I need to be in contact with my own originality and individuality to develop ideas and concepts in relation to the work to be created.

My paintings are multi-layered assemblages of opaque and translucent paints, both oil and acrylic with collage as necessary. The intent is to create a connection with the subject matter, a push and pull between the conscious and subconscious and to leave some of the markings, as in an excavation, of the progression of the work. The object is to find my way to a painterly expression of the work at hand and at the same time to make a connection with the interested viewer.

I have been in many shows in different galleries in the Boston Metropolitan Area for almost three decades and have published two books of my own paintings with corresponding poems. These are “My Parallel Universe” (2015) and “Memories & Milestones” (2007).


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