Steve Gordon

Playful Art, Merchandise & Experiences

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Artisan, creator, educator

Newton-based designer Steve E. Gordon crafts amazing, interactive and playful art, experiences and merchandise. His art doesn’t just adorn walls, it entices visitors to playfully interact with it. He artfully transforms everyday objects and spaces into puzzles, games and experiential activities. Can you find and solve the unique mazes (sometimes cleverly hidden) in or on them? To find out more about items for sale explore !

Do you want a giant life-sized maze built, an escape the room challenge crafted, custom puzzles, games or educational props or manipulatives created? Contact Steve at for all the details.

At this year’s Newton Open Studios “Puzzles and Poems on Grove Hill” exhibition, the art displayed is designed to be played with! Our space will also have family-friendly activities designed to complement the playful art. Come and be amazed!

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