Marion Eisenmann

Illustrations on Bavarian Porcelain

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I was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, where I developed a classical foundation in music and the visual arts. I discovered the art of visual storytelling as a child. When I was young I wanted to travel with the circus, play the violin and create things that would make people laugh. Drawing was a way to work quickly when there was no time for storytelling. Since then, I have developed insight and empathy that help me in visualizing concepts and storyboard designs for films, theme parks, children’s books, lifestyle and editorial illustrations.

My extensive training in studio painting and composition transferred easily into working in the entertainment industry to create story-based artwork for digital projects, movie pitches, animatics, attraction, interactive and immersive designs and lately animated performance pieces. I am interested in expanding and implementing animation in theatrical performances using 2D and 3D animation.

Branding is the foundation of everything I do. It keeps me grounded and challenges me to be creative while focusing sharply on a client’s essence. I think of a logo as the cell of an organism that evolves during the design process. The challenge to be simple and distract the essence of the nature of the subject is key to my creations.

I am deeply inspired by the works of En plein air masters Sargent, Zorn, Schmid, Couch and numerous European impressionists. Editorial illustrator Peter Arno, character designer Peter de Sève and children’s book writer and illustrator Tomi Ungerer have left lasting impressions on me.

I began teaching through a desire to share my experiences and enthusiasm for art. Along with developing a student’s skill, I try to convey the joy and spiritual fulfillment of making art.

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