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Exhibition: Landscapes And Palettes

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Marne Rizika
Artist Statement

I am captivated with how to visually translate a grand sense of space and spiritual beauty.
At the same time, I learned to anticipate the element of surprise -- the appearance of wide boulevards, the twist and turns of alley ways opening up to a plaza, canals and streams, a stairway, a fountain, or a sculpture.

The distorted sense of scale and perspective in my drawings, paintings and prints developed out of my experience of landscape and architecture, natural and human-made: the immense space of the Grand Canyon; the sheer cliffs of Canyon de Chelly; trucks and equipment disappearing over rolling hills or emerging on the horizon of North Dakota farms -- where judging the closeness of a storm is ... immeasurable.

In my travels to Europe and Israel, and later while studying architecture in Italy, I became enamored of landscapes characterized by weathering tectonic plates and inscapes of the vast spaces and archways of cathedrals housing artistic treasures.

And here in New England, the experience of light and color shift with the changing seasons, manipulating familiar scenic views, mountains and open spaces, quiet ponds and wetlands; all reflect a living synthesis of people and place.

Moved by past experiences and work, I continue exploring color and a unique blend of natural and created formations.


Boston bred, Marne Rizika spent several months a year living and traveling in England and Israel, and throughout Europe. Later, in 1986, she received a BA in Art History from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

She then enrolled in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and over the course of two years, studied painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, stained glass, and mixed media. During this time, she developed an affinity for painting, which led her to The Art Students League of New York. Here she further developed her visual sensibility, by concentrating on landscape and still life painting, expanding and influencing her vast array of existing work. She’s keenly interested in the way that structures define and redefine the urban and industrial landscape. Her love of architecture and building design -- both exterior and interior -- has been a constant source of motivation.

Since the mid-90s, Marne has primarily exhibited in the United States, with solo and group shows in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Vermont and Virginia. Her venues include museums, galleries, universities, art associations, and libraries. Additionally, she was invited to display her work at Boston City Hall, Boston’s Logan International Airport, and the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse.

In Europe, her work was featured at a gallery in Geneva, Switzerland while painting in Paris and Normandy. Her wanderlust also provided artistic opportunities in Peru (2012), Tanzania (2010), and Mexico (2007).

Of note, beginning in 1997, Marne dedicated 8 years to on-site sketching at the Big Dig in Boston, the largest public highway project in U.S. history. This location was ideal, given her interest in architecture, construction, mechanical objects, and the transformation and reinvention of landscapes.

In her home state of Massachusetts, Marne taught at the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts (drawing facilitator), the Museum of Transportation (traveling to elementary schools), and Col-Art America (Responsible for the New England Program to demonstrate art materials and painting techniques at universities). At the Huntington Family Center in Syracuse, she hosted drawing classes for children, and was a guest lecturer at the University of North Dakota. Marne was class monitor and Assistant Teacher for Peter Homitzky at the Art Students League of New York.

She has been selling her work to public, private, and corporate collections for the past thirty years. Now she divides her time between where she loves to live and paint – Massachusetts and Vermont, and more recently, the Hudson River Valley in New York.

Please share your comments and questions with her: 617-680-8882,

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