Raquel Fornasaro

Conceptual portraiture in oil & digital

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Raquel Fornasaro was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She has a BA in Advertising from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). Later she attended the Fine Arts program at the Corcoran School of Art+Design in Washington, DC. Currently living in Boston, she has shown in multiple venues as galleries, universities, and museums, including Boston MFA and MIT Media Lab.

Guided by a childhood surrounded by uncontrolled urban growth and limited exposure to nature, her work targets the social understanding of humans' relationship with the environment. In a mixture of childhood memories, current events, and Brazilian folklore Fornasaro considers the values we teach to the next generations, envisioning a future where we are still dependent on the same ecological mistakes it took us so long to acknowledge.

Fornasaro’s process starts with the examination of contemporary worries related to the ecological challenges we have created. A substantial part of her creative process relies on the truthfulness of the intention and feeling of the work. Starting with photography and Photoshop image manipulation she takes advantage of pre painting the work without the constraints and commitment of the canvas. Opening the possibility of playful and limitless changes. This process occasionally ends in the computer as digital art. Sometimes the process continues as paintings of oils on canvas. The work itself will often allure to its final medium.

With highly symbolic pieces both vibrantly colored and meticulously executed she inquires on the prospects of life, and how politics and culture affect our unstable, ever changing contemporary age. In this Zoomorphic series the thought is centered on the human influence on the environment. An influence that has been mostly negative to other forms of life. Initially exploring cultures with Zoomorphic Gods and how they represented the best in both men and nature. Cementing the need for respect and the alliance between humans and Nature. It also brings the idea of the Curupira, a mythological demonic entity in Brazilian folklore who preys on poachers and hunters that abuse the forest. In Zoomorphs, the new generation take on roles of Nature's demonic caretaker gods, bringing awareness to the effect of our actions.

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