Mary Lou Eshelman / Lincoln Park Studio

Functional Pottery And Glass

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #4

37 Shaw St.
West Newton

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During the many years that I was a social worker in international adoption and humanitarian aid I loved the idea of learning how to make pottery and decided to take a once-a-week class at The Potter’s School in Needham. I enjoyed it so much that I went on to take classes at Feet of Clay and finally at Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, where I became a member of the Ceramics Guild. Eight years ago my husband and I planned and created the studio in our home that I work in now.

I enjoy making functional pottery that people will use every day—things like mugs, bowls, casseroles, pitchers, plates, etc. It’s especially gratifying to me to meet the people who buy my work and to know where it will be going. I love to use the beautiful colors of nature—greens, blues, and white, and to use techniques that allow the colors to flow together.

Five years ago I decided to also start making fused glass, which allows me to use some beautiful designs inspired by quilts and the blues and purples that I find so attractive. I make functional fused glass—bowls, soap dishes, nightlight, jewelry, and dishes.

I’ve participated in many sales and shows in the Greater Boston area, many of them at Lexington Arts and Crafts Society. I also find that each workshop I take provides new ideas that can help me in learning more about my art.

I would suggest to anyone interested in art that they get started in it, even while they are still working at another job. I feel that my pottery and glass art will be something I can continue to do as I grow older and that it will always be something that provides an opportunity to learn, change, and grow.

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