Anne Palms Chalmers


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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #13  Wheelchair Accessible

Newton City Hall  
1000 Commonwealth Ave
Newton Centre
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I love the way light makes color define objects and space for the human eye. For me, the transparency of watercolor letting the paper shine through wonderfully expresses that light. It is exciting to discover how water produces surprise and serendipity, constantly challenging my eye to free itself from literal observation and let the brush play with what is happening on the paper. I like the plein air approach of responding directly to something I find beautiful with a quick painting: a landscape, interesting vegetables, folds in cloth, or shadows reflecting light. Whatever the subject, it is about seeing objects in space in the language of light and color and trying to convey the beauty. As with most arts, the challenge is to balance precision and flow. As someone who has always loved drawing — the edges of things, points of tension where objects meet — I am trying to explain less, visually.  

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