Sandrine Colson NOT EXHIBITING

Jewelry: Wire Crochet, Enamel, Polymer.

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #13  Wheelchair Accessible

Newton City Hall  
1000 Commonwealth Ave
Newton Centre
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Due to Unexpected Schedule Conflict, Sandrine Colson Will Not be Exhibiting.

We hope to have her back next year!

Jewelry caught my interest many years ago and the vast majority of my jewelry creations are one of a kind. I’m always experimenting with new techniques and materials so my jewelry designs exhibit a wide variety of styles.
Abstraction, materials, texture and colors are the inspiration for my work. I enjoy working with metal wire, glass beads, gemstones and pearls as well as polymer clay, enamel or other contemporary style painting. I draw further
inspiration from the organized chaos of nature or art forms. Works come together on my bench as elements find each other through planning or improvisation due to their proximity, association or chance. I occasionally work with
recycled objects such as discarded jewelry, stone pieces or chips, sea glass pieces, crystal elements from chandeliers, and more. I am inclined to produce asymmetric or symmetric pieces that are highly stylized, despite the unstructured
nature of some of these elements, resulting in what I call organized chaos with an intent, creating wearable art.

I am a versatile artist working in acrylic and mixed media compositions. "The compositions are abstract, referencing natural forms and movement, filled with bright paint swirls, playful paper cut-outs, and three-
dimensional objects, resulting in richly textured abstract canvases with intricate layering". My work is a continuing experimentation with form, color, and medium. It is a snap-shot representation of stories that unveil under my brush,
or through various mixed-media, letting innovation and creativity materialize on the canvas, leaving the viewer to his or her imagination to finish the story I started, making imagination, visible.

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