Marcus Parsons

Digital Art, Photography & a Video

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Art and photography for your screens (TV, monitor, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) and/or walls.

My exhibit will be in its usual spot near the elevator on the ground floor at the west (War Memorial) end of City Hall. It will display a wide range of art and photography created since last year’s Open Studios.

In addition to prints, there will be a flowing video of those works, with cinematic touches and a musical soundtrack by Debussy. Stop by and have a look (and listen)!

The video also serves as an example of how you can view and display art and photography on your various screens. If you'd like to see it before Open Studios, it's on YouTube at

OTHER EXHIBITS (since last year's Open Studios)
Among other exhibits, a painting of mine was chosen for Newton’s yearlong FenceART Public Art Project, a photograph was juried into the annual Maine Photography Show (3rd year in a row), another photo was juried into an annual exhibition at the Griiffin Museum of Photography, two photographs were selected for the Landscape Invitational in Newton City Hall, and my art in general was chosen for a second article in the ART Habens ART Review.

I was also one of a group of Newton artists who hosted a 3rd annual Arts Open House (exhibits plus presentations) last fall at one of our homes. A relaxed, intimate event in what is in many ways ideal for experiencing art and meeting artists. (We would like to invite you to the next Open House. If you're interested, please join the mailing list at the Open Studios exhibit in April or at my website,

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