Arlene Bandes

Monotypes,Collage,Rubber Stamps,Shirts

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #15

New Art Center  
61 Washington Park
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Monotypes are "one of a kind" prints. I use a piece of plastic as my "plate" and use different viscosities of inks to create patterns and textures. My prints are the result of many trips through the press. I am intrigued by the many layers and meanings in life and each of my prints literally has many layers. Recently I have been exploring a variation of the reduction block print using styrofoam plates.

I am a member of the Nature Printing Society and many of my monotypes are informed by the natural world. My handprinted shirts use real leaves, seeds and shells to create wearable monotypes.

The Judaic folk art that informs my monotypes is reflected in the drawings and carvings I do for our art rubber stamp company, Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps. I also use some of the stamps in my monotypes and on the hand printed shirts. Stamping is another form of printmaking and I enjoy building layers of patterns with stamps.

I have always created art. One of my favorite Zum Gali Gali stamp images is made from a drawing I did when I was 4. I became attracted to monotypes about 40 years ago. I love the way this medium combines drawing, painting and collage and I have never lost the thrill of pulling a print. Monotypes encourage improvisation which is both stimulating and challenging.

I have taught art to children in the Newton Public Schools and to adults in various venues. I currently teach both children and adults at the New Art Center. My monotypes have been exhibited in galleries and private collections and Zum Gali Gali stamps are used all over the world.


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