Ann Salk Rosenberg / Art At The Painted Lady On Lincoln St

Acrylic,3D Work,Prints /Paper & Aluminum

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #38

153 Lincoln St
Newton Highlands

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This has been a challenging year for me as life got in the way of painting. I have started a new project. I have made triptychs using my original paintings as the third piece. The triptychs show the story of the paintings coming into existence. They pushed my mind into corners I had not used before. They are available aa individual pieces as a sublimation print on aluminum and as Giclees. 80 new artworks.
My paintings are large, bold narratives. I use vibrant colors, geometric shapes and a touch of humor to reflect my joyous spirit, celebrate my creativity and inhale the glorious fullness of life. I seek to spark an emotional reaction in the viewer that changes and deepens each time he or she looks at my paintings. I love to hear people say things like, “You really know how I feel.” “Your work pulls me in and speaks to me.” and “Every time I look at one of your paintings, I see something new.” The inspiration for each painting comes from a place deep inside and gets channeled through my brush onto my canvas. The strokes come together and create a lyrical story. Sometimes the story is from my own history, but often it is simply one drawn from our collective consciousness. It is as if I start the process by accessing and then painting our universal memories, experiences and lessons. You, the viewer, then take up the story and it becomes your own. At this time, I am presenting six series:
Woman of Words: began when it dawned on me that I had my own words to speak and my own pictures to paint. I finally had permission to be myself.
Babylonian: complex geometric shapes that tell the story of humanity coming together to create something magnificent and then being split apart. Are we are on a linear, circular or spiraling path? Can we influence what happens next?
Escape: what is your nemesis? When you are in its grip was it like being trapped? Was “it” a jar? Box? School? House? Job? Relationship? Health? Persona? Is it past or present? Is the wall transparent, solid or you’re not even sure because you can only see the micro view? How did you escape?
Moon and Sun: I have always been drawn to the moon and to the sun. They are timeless, consistent, available, free.
Cats and Other Things: my husband and I are cat people. Perhaps this is because they ask for so little and give so much. They bring laughter, joy and love into a home. And, you don’t have to send them to college.
ALL the originals of the paintings listed above are 4 feet x 4 feet x 1 1/2 inches.
Genesis (not shown): 35 canvases – 32 panels are 3’x5’ and 3 are 2’x2’ for a total length of 102 feet. It begins with four black canvases, the absence of color. It ends with a white canvas, the melding of all colors and reflects how all things are possible. In between are panels that tell the evolutionary story of life and creativity. We are working with a famous music producer to have these be the background for a performance piece.
2017 I began a new project. 366 ten inch square paintings based on the moon. I estimate it will take 5 years to finish. It will be an installation with all kinds of artwork. I am painting realistic, cubist, with paper, paint, ink, parts and pieces of other items. I have invited in other artists to make custom pieces to my specifications. If you visit my studio some are on display.

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