Martha Heller

multi media art quilts

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #33

Pine Ridge Artists at St Paul's  
1135 Walnut St.
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My study of quilts began in the 90’s when I started creating clay quilts: clay tiles assembled and decorated to recall traditional quilt designs. As my medium transitioned from clay to cloth, I constructed similar pieces using fabric or paper tiles sewn on to a quilted background. I particularly enjoy the feel and movement of cloth--for me it is not a static medium.

The materials I use are primarily cloth and thread, but also paper, beads, buttons, leaves, seeds and found objects. I create patterns and images on the cloth with paints, inks, crayons, hand and machine stitching, and photo printing.

You will find in my work both narrative and abstract quilts. The abstract pieces are usually explorations of color and materials. The narrative quilts tell a story about or pay tribute to the people in my life.

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