Daniel Dyer

Painting...Portraits - People & Places

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #6

950 Watertown Street
West Newton

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After almost 40 years in the architectural profession - I decided to focus my energy on the fine arts - particularly painting.

I am interested in the role both light and color play when used to define forms - be they human or city forms. My recent studies focus on both Portraits and Boston Urban Landscapes.

Also, I am opening up my studio for teaching. Contact me via email if interested in painting lessons or commissioning a portrait of yourself or a family member(s).

On Newton Open Studio weekend, grab a coffee from L'Aroma cafe in West Newton - then swing by my studio - its a 3 minute walk from L'Aroma. There is also on-street parking and dedicated parking behind the studio building.

To the right, is a portrait of my late brother Page, a miner in Western Pennsylvania for decades.

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