Kasey Kaufman

Acrylic Paintings:Landscape & Still Life

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I am a visual storyteller.

As an award winning television news anchor and reporter on WBZ-TV in Boston for over 20 years, I relied on video and the spoken word to tell the stories of our time.

These days, I use a different kind of toolkit to communicate; tubes of paint, brushes and canvases and I like to think that each of my paintings tell a unique story.

I strive for simplicity in my work, in color, composition and subject matter. I traverse between abstract and realism, still life and landscape. My paintings are inspired by real and imagined scenes that define who I am and where I came from, growing up on Lake Champlain in Vermont and La Jolla, California. Our environment is fragile and precious, so capturing the beauty of nature is important to me.

As a mostly self-taught artist, my work continues to evolve. I am a believer in the practice of daily painting and sketching. It is meditative and has also trained me to see the world with more clarity, appreciation and delight. I’ve taken classes and workshops, including at the MFA, the New Art Center in Newton and at Concord Art. I’m influenced and inspired by the community of artists I’ve discovered on Instagram, where I post my work @365Pears.


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