Miryana Mihaylova

I am a ceramic artist

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As a person I am always interested in development. In my work I follow my new ideas and my goal is to reach the point when I express my truth.
When I started working in Potters shop and school, Needham my first works were functional wheel thrown tea and coffee cups, teapots and vases. For most of my functional tableware I use porcelain and layers of different slips. I draw in sgraffito technique and leave the fine texture of slips unglazed and use white glaze inside.
During last winter I started new series with plates in different shapes hand pinched in black clay, white slip and sgraffito drawings of palm trees and faces.

Lately I work on sculpture projects which is in progress. Ceramic trees and faces.
Most of my works are one of a kind.

I work as a free lancer ceramic artist since I am in Massachusetts/3 years/. I worked for years in Sofia, Bulgaria and sold my art in few galleries there.
I participated in many ceramic symposiums, workshops and contemporary art exhibitions in USA, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Bulgaria.

I studied Ceramics for 9 years starting from high school/5years/ and after that I graduated 2001 as a Bachelor of Fine art and Applied arts, specialized in Ceramics/4 years/
at The National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria

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