DLR Designs / Deborah Rochman

Adult and Kids Jewelry and Accessories

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #7

126 Valentine ST
West Newton

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My lifelong fascination with natural materials and a passion for creating beautiful handmade objects has driven me to explore various media since I was a child. For as long as I can remember, I had a project in process. Whether it was basket weaving, macramé or needlework, I was always drawn to the activity of creating something unique. As a student of occupational therapy in the late 1970’s, I learned how to use crafts as therapeutic media and dabbled in woodworking, metal and kiln work. I continue to enjoy making, exhibiting and sharing my handcrafted jewelry designs. I recently opened an Etsy store. Locally, I show and sell my work at Charlestown Art in the Park, the Natick Community Farmer’s Market, Newton Holiday Craft Fairs and other venues.


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