Eddie Bruckner Fine Art

Pop-Art Acrylic Paintings and Gifts

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I use vibrant colors, bold lines, and the illusion of mosaic tile as a visual language of happiness, love, and the beautification of physical space. My artwork is about having fun, bringing a smile to people’s faces, and at the same time, providing a unique way of experiencing some of our most familiar objects, places, or people.

My work focuses on lines, shapes, and the integration of an illusion of mosaic tile. I am inspired to use these techniques to create visual parallels of my world impressions. I create an illusion of mosaic tile that provides cohesion to my body of work and serves to provide balance, repetition, movement, and other elements of strong artistic design and composition. I often think about the mosaic element as confetti, to further my goal of conveying fun, exhilaration, and happiness; the mosaic patterns add life and positive energy into my work. It excites me to respond to questions about my artistic process, how I create my artwork, how and in what order I layered color, and why and how I integrate the illusion of mosaic tile. I want my audience to personally connect to my art and enjoy the experience.

Often the elements of my paintings reflect my observations of the visible world and a sense of place, creating a clear, universal aesthetic language on my canvases and in my public art installations. The public art that I create is not just about the completion of the final project, but I believe that equally as important is the process of creating and/or installing the artwork on location with observers and participants.

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