Shuk Susan Lee

Pastel landscape & portraits, painting

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #39

5 Columbia Ave
Newton Upper Falls

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I am a pastel artist originally from Hong Kong who grew up in Brookline but recently moved to Newton.
Since childhood I always had a passion for pencil portrait, but not until a few years ago did I discover the beauty of pastel.
My earlier works were a series of floral. Then I started portraits of people and animals. Capturing one's personality and soul draws me to portraits. My models have been mostly family, coworkers and friends, but sometimes also local dancers and actresses. The theme often involves cultural ethnicity.
I have also been commissioned to paint children and babies; nothing is more satisfying than seeing the parents enjoying the portraits of their loved ones.
Other than portraits, I have also done a series of landscapes based on places that I have traveled to. Often I would change the composition in order to convey certain atmosphere, or to create a dreamlike land that I would wish to go to. Sharing the energy of the place, as well as my impression and feelings through the use of colors is what I hope to achieve. My recent works have evolved more into the direction of impressionism.
Through my artworks I hope to bring as much joy to the audience as my passion to paint.

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