Lisa Sazer

Paintings, Collage, Watercolors

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I love to draw. Drawing always appears in my work either literally, in the rhythmic sweep of brush to surface, or in the dance-like placement of collaged paper shapes on canvas. When viewing a subject, I attempt to capture the impressions I feel and to translate these impressions in a unique way to the work surface.

Early exposure to the Fauves (especially Matisse) and other Early-20th-Century artists has continually informed my work. I use bold color, dramatic and often whimsical line, decorative pattern, and flattened perspective to create in an energetic, expressionist style, where, to paraphrase Wikipedia, I present my own subjective view of the world, distorting it either slightly or radically for emotional effect in order to evoke a mood, a sense of place, or an idea.

I have worked as an assistant to the textile designer Katja of Sweden (Katja Geiger), and as a print designer for two apparel manufacturers. Extensive coursework in silkscreen printmaking and monoprints eventually inspired a desire to paint on canvas, when the printing plates started to look like paintings! After a period of painting still lifes and landscapes, I recently took a course in mixed media collage. This has opened my eyes to the joyous and limitless possibilities of combining paint with fragments of papers, textiles, and other media. I love creating my own painted papers as well as searching out unique fabrics and other found materials with which to build my collages.

My subjects are nature, my immediate surroundings, and the places I have traveled. I take many walks and am always snapping photos, which I'll then use as a jumping-off point for creating my own personal statement on paper or canvas.

I grew up in Marblehead, MA and studied art at Smith College, Dartmouth College, and the Rhode Island School of Design, later taking courses at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and other area arts institutions.

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