Grey Held

Illuminated poetry--digital prints.

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For many years I kept the visual artist part of me separate from the poet part of me, but recently I have been merging these endeavors to create poem-posters that blend the words of a poem with texture, color, line, and image into something so visually rich, that it can entice viewers into reading poetry, and perhaps even displaying the poem-poster in their homes or places of work. I believe that poster art, though often neglected, can be a compelling art form in the category of visual arts.

In addition to creating posters of my own poems, I also create posters of Emily Dickinson poems. Why Emily Dickinson? Because I find her work to be brilliantly constructed and inspirational, and yet in certain circles she is ignored, taken for granted, or pigeonholed into history. Her work includes a treasure trove of great eight-line poems that lend themselves perfectly to being integrated into my designs that echo the advertising motifs of her time.

I believe that owning art should not just be the purview of the rich. Through sales of inexpensive Emily Dickinson posters that I print digitally, her poetry (as I’ve re-visioned it) hangs on the walls of hundreds of homes/schools, thereby letting the beauty and wisdom of her words grace those spaces.


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