Sayaka Rawizza

Sculptural and Functional Ceramics piece

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Sayaka grew up in Kamakura, Japan and studied Color Psychology at Seishin Joshi University in Tokyo and worked in the Advertisement Department in Kanebo Cosmetics in Japan before coming to the United State. Sayaka holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has over 24 years of experience in ceramics. She has participated in craft sales and sold pieces to personal clients, as well as Exhibits and Juried Ceramics Shows including the State of Clay, "Pushing Boundaries" Fuller Craft Museum and the Biennial Ceramics Exhibit at New Hampshire Institute of Art. She received the second-place award at NHIA Exhibit in 2012. She taught ceramics at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Brookline Adult and Community Education, New Art Center and Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.

My works are sculptural and functional. I like to create pieces more than just daily use of pottery. It could be visually beautiful and changes the surroundings or provides meaning and harmony in your home. I wish my ceramics’ pieces bring the sensory catalyst for conversation at the dinner table, enhancing the taste of food and bringing people together.

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