Registration is Open

Info and Instructions 

Early-Bird Registration: $160, January 12 through February 29.
Regular Registration: $185, March 1 through March 29.

No cancellation refunds.

Here is a registration tutorial to watch: LINK

If you need help or have questions, contact Claudia Fiks at 

Artist Requirements

  • Artists must live, work, create art in Newton (including current art classes, live or zoom) or belong to a Newton fine art organization.
  • Artists volunteer for 2 to 4 hours to help NOS happen
  • Artists supply their own displays
  • Artists are responsible for their own insurance

Exhibit Location

You must secure your location before registering. If you need to find a host, Email us HERE, Subject Line: I need a location. Include an image of your work (or artist website address) and your medium.


Early-bird Registration, $160, January 8 through Feb 29 (11:59pm)
Regular Registration, $185, March 1 through March 29.
There will be no cancellation-of-NOS refunds.

The registration process

  • Once you hit the submit button, you will NOT be able to reenter your registration to make changes.
  • PLEASE check all your entries carefully before submitting. If you need help or must make changes you may contact or
  • The Registration will ask you more than once for some info. This includes uploading a featured image for the artist page and up to six images (including the featured image) for the gallery on your page.

Prepare ahead to register in one sitting

    • Copy your images, resize and rename — see IMAGE REQUIREMENTS below.
    • Prepare your statement in a text editor, so you can copy and paste
    • If you are in a group, prepare a list of the artists at your location, and paste it into the bottom of the SAME field as your artist statement.
    • Please use this format for the artist list:
      Jane Smith, Tim Green, John Painter, etc.
    • If you are a Host — have a group name ready.
    • There is a field for listing extended hours, Demos/special events, AND any Covid instructions your group may be asking of visitors, such as masking: Prepare text for this field.
    • It is possible to stop in the middle of registration (with a button at the bottom of the page), and get an email link to reenter the registration to finish later, but MANY artists have told us they have trouble with this.

Image requirements

  • You can upload 6  (not original) images for your artist page. Keep your original high resolution images for future use.
  • Image file must be 2 MB or less in size! — Oversize Files are the MOST COMMON cause of registration failure. Double Check your file sizes.
  • Image Should be close to 1200 pixels in the LARGER dimension and at 72 dpi (dots-per-inch.)
  • File must be jpg or jpeg.
  • File name Format: include last and first name: VanGogh_Vincent-01.jpg ,  VanGogh_Vincent-02.jpg, etc.
  • NO quote marks, commas, question marks, copyright, sizes, titles, ampersands, or spaces in file names. NO periods, except at suffix: .jpg
  • Crop Photos of 2-D art so that only the artwork shows (no frames, easels, etc.).
  • NOS reserves the right to reject any images it deems inappropriate for the website.

When You’re Finished

We’ll check your payment, review your registration, and then post your page to the website. This may take a day or two.

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