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Video Interviews of NOS artists!
NewTV Interview  by Jay Sugarman, on “Museum Open House,” (30 minutes) of 5 NOS Artists: Mei-Yu Hsiu, Julia Talcott, Barney Levitt, Leann Shamash, and Sidney Hutter.  
6 Short, separate Interviews, (4-6 minutes each). Claudia Fiks,  producer and editor; Ellen Fisher, assistant producer.
Gregory Steinsieck     Cécile Ganne    Marcus Parsons      Dawn Scaltreto     Anita Hellen Cohn     Ritu Singh

Myra L Abelson
Extra Days
The artists are happy to welcome guests on Friday or Sunday by appointment for a preview or private showing. 
63 Alderwood Road, NewtonMA02459

Karen Bray
Join Karen and 9 other dancers for a 15- 20 minute set of  short dances ! 
Times: 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm

Program at each time includes
“Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” ~ 5 mins; “Laundry Dance” ~ 4 mins; “Cars Are Dancers, Too” ~ 7 mins”
38 Stearns St, Newton Center, MA 02459

Anita Helen Cohen
Extra Day, Sunday
We will be open on Saturday June 26 from 11-5 and Sunday June 27 from 12-5. 
21 Fox Lane, Newton, MA 02459

Marcia Cooper
Extended Hours
Open until 7pm on June 26
170 Evelyn Rd, Newton, MA 02468

Claudia Doherty
Extra Days
Exhibit will be up June 25, 26 & 27. Stop by!
17 Willard Street, Newton, MA 02458

Ellen Fisher
Extra Days
Weather-proof exhibit items will rotate, every day from June 23 to July 4. Stop by!
26 Canterbury Rd. Newton, MA 02461

Hsu Design Studio
Early Bird Special Hour
Early bird special hour 10% off: starting at 10 AM on June 26, 2021
91 Allerton Rd., Newton, MA 02459

Zeina Skaff Kahhale
Extended Hours
Exhibit Times are 10:00am- 6:00pm- Hope to see you then!
281 Park Street, Newton Corner, MA 02458

Bonnie Lerner
2:00 pm: Demonstrations of printmaking without a press. Come join us and give it a try !
Extended Hours
11-6 pm
62B Walnut Park, Newton, MA 02458

Dawn Scaltreto

2:30pm Saturday June 26:
Let your creativity flow with this demonstration of abstracted watercolor techniques. Colors will mingle in magical ways and ordinary materials like salt and plastic wrap will transform watercolor in unique patterns. Learn how you can use watercolor to create exciting and expressive artworks. 
Dawn Evans Scaltreto is an artist, illustrator and teacher and a Past President of the New England Watercolor Society.

Steinsieck Sculpture @SculptedWork     
Extra Months
The Steinsieck Sculpture Garden is open all summer, daytime, into the Fall of 2021. 
9 Russell Rd, Newton Corner, MA 02458